Our Major Expertise


Succession Planning


Building a team of winners.


Communications and Presentation Skills


Coaching, counselling and mentoring.


Leadership, understanding expectations and managing them.

Manufacturing Management

Study the operations model of the client as propose programs or tools within LEAN Six Sigma for manufacturing or transactional processes. Training and enhancing skill sets to meet the challenges of the day. Practical sessions on the production floor and projects run from start to finish helping participants experience the change.

Organizational Development

Training needs analysis to identify skills needed to meet targets. Time Management training to help understand and improve effectiveness of the work day and work-life balance.

Project Management

A certified project management practitioner is available to conduct training and take on projects from start to finish. We also offer training on project management processes using various industry case studies.

Knowledge & Skills Development in Project Management

Introduction to Project Management
Project Management Techniques
Management of Projects
Project Analytics
Data Handling & Decision Making
Sustainability in Theory and Practice
Quality Management

Knowledge & Skills Development in Manufacturing

Standard Work
Lean Manufacturing
Value Stream Mapping
5S Work Place Organization
SMED – Single minute exchange of Die or changeover.
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
JIT ( Just in time Manufacturing Systems)

Knowledge & Skills Development in Organizational Development

Succession Planning
Leadership Fundamentals.
Effective Communication skills
Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring
Organization wide Training needs Analysis
Millennials – Engagement and Contributions to current work values
Effective Time Management and work life balance
Values and Ethics in business – building relationships
Definition of Roles and Responsibilities within organization
Organizational Structure and Hierarchy

The bottom line!

While observing teams in action we know what makes a good team click, what motivates individuals to perform and why some succeed when others fail. We want to share this with you and help to improve your team’s performance and ultimately your bottom line. Our ongoing repeat business with so many companies throughout the world reflects our success and ultimately the success of our customers. So if you are looking for a return on your investment, look no further than MKSK Global Plt