The journey thus far…

The founders of MKSK Global are committed to help clients weather this climate of uncertainty that has descended upon our nation. As our country rebuilds itself, we are prepared to help laydown the foundations that can sustain and grow commerce and industry. Industry best practices and innovation to be relevant is crucial. As the cost of labour and resources continue to rise, we are here to provide efficient and reliable solutions through improved business practices, manpower development and deployment as well as engineering solutions.

Building Simple Solutions For The Complex World.

MKSK Global PLT was formed by two partners, to merge their skill sets into one entity. MKSK Global also has a repertoire of highly acclaimed consultants in Manufacturing Management Both partners have been in their respective fields for almost 20 years before deciding to pool resources in this new era that has taken us over.

Core Values

Accountability | Respect | Integrity | Innovation | Excellence | Inclusive


To provide the necessary knowledge with services to help our clients grow and dedicate ourselves to those in need of help with turning around their fortunes.


MKSK Global plays significant role in laying the foundations making Malaysia competitive through fair and equal business practices.